Where is Aydat ?

Near Clermont-Ferrand

Central France

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... an enterprise established under the auto-entrepreneurial fiscal regime in France and not required to levy VAT (TVA, Moms; art. 293 B of the General Tax Code).

Send manuscripts to ms@w-2-p.fr; other details are available at this web site, or send questions to w2p@w-2-p.fr.

TVA non applicable, Membre d’un régime de micro-entreprise, art. 293 B du CGI.

Write 2 Publish (Paul Riordan)

24, chemin des Rives, Rouillas Haut

63970 Aydat


Tel. +33 4 73 78 32 97


SIRET: 515 054 468 00027  APE: 7430Z