dr Paul Riordan

English is my first language and I have more than twenty-five years’ experience in scientific and academic language correction in biomedical disciplines. I am author or co-author of more than 45 items in the scientific literature. Fluent in French and Scandinavian (Norwegian), I have good experience of assisting native speakers of these and other languages to express their ideas in English. I am qualified in dentistry (Belfast) with a Master of Public Health (Michigan) and a doctorate in epidemiology (Bergen). My background is in extensive clinical dental public health work, academic teaching, scientific research and publishing including referee work for leading public health, medical and dental journals, and examining Masters and PhD candidates at several universities. This has given me unique expertise in correcting language and advising on the structure and content of scientific writing in public health and biomedical disciplines.

It’s not just scientific writers that need language correction... (if you do not see the error here, you need W2P !)

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