How to submit a manuscript...


Dealing with W2P is very simple. When you feel your manuscript is complete (all text items finished, abstract, references, figures and tables, spelling checked in accordancewith the Instructions to Authors of the journal), you should send it to W2P at as an attachment to an e-mail message. It should be in “.doc” (MS Word ), “.rtf” or “.txt” format. Remove bibliography-manager (EndNote, Reference Manager, Bookends) marks so the manuscript is editable.

Pay attention to word limits. As well as saving you money
(increasingly, journals are requiring authors to pay for their publications), articles that are unnecessarily wordy will be read less; readers get bored. Several journals limit the text to about 2,500 words, and a text of this size, well written, usually allows for adequate expression of concepts and ideas. Ensure that references are correctly formatted using the journal abbreviations as in Index Medicus.

When submitting your manuscript to Write2Publish, always identify the journal to which you are considering sending the article. Don’t forget to include your details (corresponding author’s name, institution, e-mail address, telephone number). All items submitted for correction will be treated totally confidentially and no information will be communicated to others.