1. BulletYou are writing a scientific article and hoping to publish it in the literature? You are a little unsure of the best format for this sort of writing? English is not your first language and you’re not fully confident about what you have written? Write2Publish is here for you. We offer assistance with the English language and advice on structure for biomedical articles intended for scientific publication.

  2. BulletWhy English? It is the de facto language of science today and scientific work not published in English risks being overlooked. Journals that publish in other languages have lower Journal Impact Factors (JIF), and are not widely read outside their own language culture.

  3. BulletJunior scientists are under pressure not just to publish, but to publish in journals that are widely read. Their work is more likely to be cited by others. The JIF of journals in which an author publishes is frequently taken into account by institutional employers when assessing candidates for promotional positions.

  4. BulletNo matter how good the science, if it is not well written, an article may well not get beyond the editor’s desk; editors reject many articles because of poor writing style. It will be cited less frequently. Help is available! Write 2 Publish assists authors to express themselves well in English, particularly authors whose mother tongue is not English. For many writers, this is a major impediment.

  5. BulletWrite2Publish will manage minor translations from French, German and Scandinavian (Norwegian) language original texts and minor English corrections for short technical instructions and public notices.

  6. BulletWrite2Publish offers fast turnaround, confidentiality, modest charges, and an experienced, competent and professional service.