Write2Publish                                                                    A language correction service

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Write2Publish offers services to authors of scientific articles. People working in medicine, dentistry and public health have used W2P. Services available include:

  1. English Language Correction

  2. Advice on Article Structure

  3. Minor Translations (French – English, Norwegian – English)

Are you preparing a scientific article in English ? Unsure how to formulate your ideas ? Uncertain about the structure of a scientific article ? Your first language is not English?

Look at the following pages, you will find

advice about using the Write2Publish service,

costs involved and details of how to proceed.

Have you already written an article in French or Scandinavian, that you want to have translated into English?

It’s possible W2P can help you; we can do scientific

translations. Contact W2P to discuss your needs.

Other queries about preparing and presenting a scientific article? Read this web site; contact us if you require more information.

W2P is managed by a native English speaker,

provides a complete service at modest cost, quickly,

reliably and with excellent results. Try us out !