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Are you writing a scientific article in English ?

Are you uncertain of how to formulate your ideas in good English ?

Are you unsure of the correct structure for a scientific article ?

Maybe English is not your first language ?

Then look at the following pages, where you

will find advice about using the Write2Publish

service, costs and details of how to proceed.

Have you already written a scientific article in French or Scandinavian, that you want to have translated into English?

It’s possible W2P can help you; we have done

scientific translations. Contact W2P to discuss your needs.

Do you have other queries about preparing and presenting a scientific article?

Read the pages at this web site, and contact us if you require more information.

W2P is managed by a native English speaker,

provides a complete service at modest cost, quickly,

reliably and with excellent results. Try us out !

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